Abdulkalam Vision India Movement Launched

House of Kalam has announced the launch of Abdul Kalam's Vision India Movement, a national movement for realising the vision of former President Dr.APJ Abdulkalam. Ever since Abdul Kalam passed away, on July 27, tens of thousands of people of various walks of life were making requests through phone calls and e-mails to announce a movement to carry forward the vision and mission of Kalam. We have launched the movement in response to their requests, V Ponraj, advisor to the former President said. Addressing a press conference with Kalam's grandsons Sheik Dawood and Sheik Saleem here on September 4th 2015, he said the national-level movement would have its headquarters in New Delhi and the statewide movements would be started in due course.

"The modalities, organisational structure, roles and responsibilities will be worked out soon for registration," he said. Announcements in this regard would be made through website www.abdulkalam.com he added.

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